Sundial stories

The Story of the Lennoxlove Stone Sundial – a final word

The Lennoxlove stone sundialThe interesting and beautiful stone sundial at Lennoxlove in Scotland would appear to be a composite piece (Canmore SC 1127053). It consists of a carved sundial stone and the sculpted statue of a lady. As described by Thomas Ross in 1890, both the sundial and the lady’s costume are from the 17th century, but the two pieces may have been put together. Firstly, the architecture is inconsistent, the decorative acanthus leaves at the bottom of the sundial stone do not have a connection with the curls on top of the lady’s head. Secondly, the whole piece does not function correctly as a sundial Continue reading


A Scottish Sundial Holding Secrets

Scottish Sundial

Photo: Dennis Cowan

This remarkable object is a Scottish sundial. Its intricate geometry and beautiful craftsmanship are like many of the stone sundials found in Scotland. They were one of the features of grand houses in the 17th century. But this one seems as if it is holding secrets, it is not quite like the others, it is a curious object and perhaps it holds its own story? Continue reading