• Sundial sculpture with bird gnomon
    Sundial sculpture with bird gnomon
  • Public memorial sundial
    Public memorial sundial
  • Lighthouse exhibition sundial
    Lighthouse exhibition sundial
  • Armillary sphere sundial in garden
    Armillary sphere sundial in garden
  • Polar sundial for 80th birthday
    Polar sundial for 80th birthday

Macmillan Hunter Sundials

Macmillan Hunter are specialists in sundials. We deal with historic sundials and we create modern sundial designs. These beautiful objects have thousands of years of history. Their variety is astonishing and new ideas keep on appearing. Learning to understand the principles of sundials is endlessly fascinating.

With a background in engineering Alastair Hunter embraces the whole of the sundials world. His focus is on their precision and beauty. He is at home restoring old sundials and designing new ones. He is an expert on the distinctive and historic dials of Scotland.

“A sundial allows for meditation on the fleeting yet eternal nature of time. Reading time on the dial creates a point of stillness amidst the hectic rush of life.”

Latest News

An 18th century horizontal garden sundial

August 4, 2023

A fine 18th century horizontal sundial stands in the gardens of the House of Dun near Montrose. The dial is octagonal made in bronze set in a carved and moulded stone raised on a baluster pedestal and stone step. Elegant tracery scroll work supports the gnomon. The dial engraving is detailed employing delicacy of variation […]


We are very pleased with the sundial and what it has brought to the garden. Hornsey, London. More testimonials