A sundials tour of parks and gardens in Edinburgh

Ancient sundial of Scotland at Fettes College

This historic sundial probably dates from the 1630s. It was placed in its present position in 1893.

This year’s sundials tour visited parks and gardens in Edinburgh. It is the latest in a series of large and small events to help raise funds for the YACHT project at Greenbank Church, which supports ‘Youth at CHurch Today’. In recent years the tour has been to George Heriot’s School and the National Museum of Scotland (2017), and Lennoxlove near Haddington (2015).

This year we were a group of nine who heard about a fascinating background of art, science, history, and people. We saw one of the oldest sundials in Scotland at Fettes College, one very recently restored at Inverleith Park, and the 1886 sundial pillar in The Meadows. At the Grange Cemetery we found historic connections to each of these in architecture and sculpture. But we did not see the sun because of rain, so we could not tell the time!

You can read full details of our 2018 tour here, A SUNDIALS TOUR OF PARKS AND GARDENS IN EDINBURGH