Kinloch Anderson Sundial Restored at Inverleith Park

Inverleith Park sundial restored in 2018

The Inverleith Park sundial originally gifted by Edinburgh firm Kinloch Anderson in 1890 was newly restored by the same company in June 2018.

It was a great day seeing the Kinloch Anderson sundial fully restored at Inverleith Park on Saturday 16th June 2018. It marks 150 years since 1868 when the company was founded. The company held a celebration party for their many guests. The Lord Provost of Edinburgh performed the Opening Ceremony.

The four faces of the sundial are now clean and show all their proper details. This is a transformation from how the sundial looked before. Alastair Hunter gave advice on restoring the hour lines and numerals exactly as they should be. The four new gnomons have mathematical positions that must be correct. They are beautifully made in gilded bronze. This sundial is unusual with its dials facing the four points of the compass. Each dial tells the time for part of the day—East for the morning, South for midday, West for the afternoon, and North in high summer for early morning and the evening. Graciela Ainsworth and her specialist team did the careful conservation work that will keep this historic sundial standing for a long time to come.