New commission for a sundial on a garden wall

Wall sundial for a garden

A special sundial commission for a garden wall. The dial markings are correct for the wall’s direction. Made in brass with a soft finish and lines cut by laser. Photo taken before mounting on the wall.

A new commission came in to us recently for a sundial on a garden wall. Sundial people will know that the direction of the wall is important. Does the wall face south, or north, or in between? A sundial must be correct for the direction of the wall or else it will show the wrong time. A south sundial on a west wall will show a wrong shadow. Of course no one really minds but it is very nice to see a sundial showing the proper time.

We discussed design ideas together and thought about all the details. The position on the wall was already decided, and we checked the wall’s direction. The new dial was to remember a wedding celebration held on the same spot. We made the dial in brass with a soft beaded finish. The strong dial markings were cut by laser. They show darkness against the dial’s reflected light. When the dial was on the wall we checked the time. To a few minutes it was correct, and we were happy.