Display sundial has been a shining success

Hourdial horizontal sundial design by Macmillan Hunter Sundials

The sundial is a modern design in polished stainless steel and brass. The gnomon has an exact angle of inclination and an interlocking sculpture form. The dial plate has precise hour lines and numbers created by a highly skilled process of photoetching.

Since 2012 when it was first put on display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London our Hourdial sundial has been a shining success. It has been the most popular of our different sundial designs. Since the time of that first exhibit our sundials business has grown in all kinds of ways.

We still design and make modern sundials in polished stainless steel and brass. We are exploring the use of stone, ceramic and other materials. As well as photoetching we use laser cutting and bead blasting to create shapes and effects.

Each of our sundial projects is a special one. A client may wish to have a visual sculpture as part of a design, or some mathematical detail, and often of course a personal inscription. Recently we have restored a sundial stone dating from the year 1777, and completed an investigation of another from 1746. On a number of occasions we have worked with the firm of Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation on deep studies of historic sundials.