A sundial commission with a circular Enoch calendar

Sundial commission with a circular Enoch calendarOne or two years ago we had a general enquiry about making a sundial with a calendar marked on it. Some sundials are marked with a calendar in a graphical form like an elongated figure-of-eight. This is called the analemma, and it might have been the answer to the enquiry. In fact our own Solar Time sundial is a design that displays the analemma.

Read the complete story in the attached article, A SUNDIAL COMMISSION WITH A CIRCULAR ENOCH CALENDAR.

In 2017 we heard more. The calendar was to have exactly 364 days like an ancient description found in the writings of Enoch. The regular sundial analemma, which relates to a modern calendar of 365 days, was not going to be suitable. In discussing details we agreed that the new design should show its Enoch calendar in a circle running through the sundial hour lines and seasonal declination lines. Our existing Orbit design seemed to have the swirling appearance for a good starting point. The finished piece was successfully installed in July 2017 at its Morayshire home in the north of Scotland.