Summer solstice and a silver sundial

Dihelion dual sundial in silver

Silver Dihelion dual sundial sculpture able to read solstice and equinox, summer, winter, spring and autumn seasons, and the daytime hours.

Summer Solstice 2020 in Edinburgh was a day of beautiful sunshine. What could be a better time to show off our Dihelion dual sundial, which can read the solstice and the equinox seasons and the daytime hours. Shifting patterns of sunlight and shadow and petals of the sunflower show through so clearly. There is a lovely contrast with the silver finish on the metal dial. Silver was done as a special commission for this sundial’s new owners and their Kent garden.

The time is before 8 in the morning which sounds quite early but of course is solar time, or nearly 9 am in British Summer Time. It is still well before noon, when the horizontal rod is able to mark the passage of the four seasons by its shadow. On this day of the solstice the shadow once again did find its proper mark. It is fascinating to notice the shadow’s progress, which slows down at solstice and hastens through equinox, during the course of the year.