Rustic stone sundial in an Edinburgh garden

A stone sundial carved in rustic style for an Edinburgh garden

This sundial is delightful. It is the first piece of work by someone in Edinburgh who is learning to do stone carving. It is a very good sundial and they should be proud.

A sundial carved in stone is always special. This sundial is the first piece of work by a stone carver who has begun learning the craft of carving for their own pleasure. The result is very good. The rustic design suits the sunny spot on their slightly overgrown wall in the garden in Edinburgh so well.

Even a rustic design has to follow the sundial rules for the angles of lines on the dial and the angle of slope of the gnomon. These gnomonic principles go back a long time. Our stone carver friend was not quite sure about the rules and asked for help. We offered a cross-check before stone carving began.

The sundial is designed to face due south. This is not the same as the line of the wall, which faces not south but 18° to the east. When it was installed the sundial was turned to the south, 18° away from the line of the wall, so it will work correctly. The bright and neatly fitted gnomon and contrasting rough edges of the stone complete the picture.