Restoration of a multi-faceted Scottish stone sundial

Sundial restoration in Scotland

Multi-faceted stone sundial after restoration. There are 34 separate dials, two for local time and the others for different places round the world.

Restoration of ancient stone sundials in Scotland can be very successful. As a latest example, a multi-faceted sundial at Nunraw, East Lothian, was found in poor condition in the garden of a private estate where it stands. It has now been restored to full working order and looks spectacular. The restoration was completed in June 2019.

This sundial belongs to the great era of Scottish sundials in the 17th and 18th centuries. It consists of three multi-faceted stones with a total of 34 separate dials. The dial on top and the large dial lower down read the local time at Nunraw. The other dials tell the time at different places round the world. The place names relate to the ancient civilisations of biblical times and to contemporary destinations for merchant trading in the 1700s.

This stone sundial at Nunraw, which has a complex shape and separate dials for so many different places, is exceptional and appears to be unique. The process of restoration was thorough and detailed. A short note describes more—Note on restoration of the sundial at Nunraw.