A garden sundial among the flowers

A garden sundial among the flowersIt is lovely when a new sundial and a new design of garden full of flowers go hand in hand. Very often a sundial finds itself a little out of place standing on its own, but look what happens when it fits into a whole design and planting scheme of a colourful garden.

A well-placed sundial can add so much to a beautiful garden. It is not just that little bit of extra structure it provides with its definite shape and form, but even today its original purpose is still so easy to recognise. The sundial reminds us of old ways of telling time and ways we connect with worlds beyond ourselves. It helps us to feel a pulse of time that comes alive with sunshine. In our hectic modern world this is the ancient rhythm of all living things. It is old as life itself.

Sundial and stand Hourdial by Macmillan Hunter Sundials | Garden design Secret Gardens Design by Carolyn Grohmann