The last of our songbird sundials flies to Paris

Orbdial sundial design with songbird gnomon

This design is a form of universal sundial. It is adjustable and we build it for its intended latitude.

The last of our songbird sundials has flown away. It now has a new home in a new country, in Paris. This special design appeals to the eye and has intriguing gnomonic features. The new owner already knew that the Orbdial was the one they wanted.

When their very enthusiastic enquiry came in to us from France we had to decide what to do. We realised they were keen on the Orbdial design which was on our website. Unfortunately, we had already sold all of these dials. Our one remaining option was an ex-display piece, partly complete, and the new Songbird gnomon.

After discussion we agreed a deal and built this sundial for their Paris latitude. The broad meridian ring has a series of screw holes to lock it on the pillar mount at the correct angle. This adjustment makes the dial and gnomon tilt up or down. The lifelike songbird does not really mind!