Science Sundial for Kilgraston School

Solar Time precision sundial at Kilgraston school science centreKilgraston independent school for girls has added a Solar Time precision sundial to the teaching facilities at their new science centre, which opened in 2014 on Kilgraston’s beautiful campus in Perthshire, Scotland. This unique sundial was commissioned for the centre by the former head of science at the school.

The sundial has many educational features, which Alastair Hunter explained to the group of teachers who gathered to discuss the project last summer. It involves science and maths, and geography and history. Much of the accurate science we know today was first discovered by the ancient astronomers and explorers. The new sundial will turn this into something concrete for the students to actually see and understand, when the sun’s shadow crosses the dial.

There is even a tangible connection with literature. The dial has been specially engraved with a line of verse by Edwin Morgan, the late Scots Makar (poet laureate).