Edinburgh Probus Club Takes a Look at Sundials

Two beautiful sundials, a bronze armillary sphere and a butterfly gnomon on a horizontal dial.

Two beautiful sundials, a polished bronze armillary sphere and a horizontal dial with a butterfly sculpture gnomon. Photos: Brad Dillon, Horniman Museum.

To a visiting speaker the PROBUS name may be unfamiliar but to the many groups of retired people who meet every month to hear a talk on yet another interesting topic the name simply means pleasure. This was certainly the case with the Comiston group in south Edinburgh who invited Alastair Hunter to speak about sundials on Wednesday 4th May in the morning. One hopes the talk was successful but the group were already more than happy joking and chatting among themselves before the speaker started. The talk was done by pictures of sundials old and new, many from Scotland, and very often in beautiful gardens. As the programme organiser said afterwards, “From now on the gardens of stately homes will be invaded by elderly men ignoring the flowers and looking for sundials!”