The sun takes its time for new Dihelion sundial in the Savill Garden

Dihelion sundial sculpture at the Savill Garden, SurreyAfter a time the sun did shine when we were setting up our new Dihelion sundial sculpture at the Savill Garden, Surrey. The sun was out just long enough to align the sundial before we left. Dihelion is now fully installed and ready to view as part of the Savill Garden’s annual sculpture exhibition ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ which runs throughout September and October.

Morning sunshine on the Dihelion sundial in a garden at Edinburgh

The Dihelion sundial is a sculpture design that reads time and marks the four seasons while casting beautiful sunflower shadows.

Knowing the fickleness of British weather it always takes a bit of luck to get some sun, especially after travelling a long distance. We had left Edinburgh in blazing sunshine the day before, and we had already seen Dihelion casting beautiful sunflower shadows while telling the time and marking the season. Over the next two months we can allow this sculpture sundial to show off to the public on its own and with luck come fully to life as the sun shines.

The Sculpture in the Garden exhibition is at The Savill Garden near Egham, Surrey, and runs until 31 October.