Designing a sundial is all about the detail

Sundial engraving test piece

An engraving test piece in brass to compare details of font and point size for a new sundial.

Designing a sundial begins with an idea. There are technical matters and aesthetic aspects to think of, but then it is all about the detail. Our latest design is not quite complete yet. We want it to be a very beautiful sundial and made in pottery and brass!

One important detail of the design is the lettering we plan to use and the exact technique for engraving on the brass dial. Our picture shows a test piece with different font and point sizes. No amount of designing on a computer screen can match holding a piece of metal in the hand and having a look to see if a design is going to work, so this is what we do.

When our new design in pottery and brass has come together we will let you see. We hope it makes a really lovely sundial.