Bright sundial display is best under sunny blue skies

Sundials display at Damhead Nursery near Edinburgh for 2016 seasonOur bright and interesting sundial display at Damhead Nursery near Edinburgh is always at its best under sunny blue skies. This year we will have to wait a little longer for the sunshine, as the photo shows, but we are all set up again for the 2016 season. Grey skies overhead still blot out the sun but we can say that winter blues are now behind us. There was some storm damage to our display stand over the winter, which we had to repair, and of course we checked and cleaned all the sundials. With a new season’s stock of plants for dressing the stand to choose from the whole effect is looking cheerful.

Once again we can thank Sue Gray who welcomes us and our sundials exhibit at her nursery each year. Damhead Nursery is just south of Edinburgh on the A703 and is open six days.