New sundial installed in Lews Castle garden at Stornoway

New sundial installed at Lews Castle, Stornoway

New sundial installed on an original cast iron pedestal in the sunken garden at Lews Castle, Stornoway

The new sundial for Lews Castle at Stornoway is now in place in the sunken garden. The old cast iron pedestal has been restored and painted beautifully and the sundial fits perfectly on top. The local team at I M Murray Engineering carried out the work on site.

The handsome pedestal was once the base for a fountain. It probably dates from the castle’s 19th century heyday when James Matheson was laying out his wonderful gardens. The pedestal had no means for fixing a sundial onto it. A concealed circular plate was devised which clamps inside and holds the sundial. This has adjustment for setting the sundial true to the sun.

Alastair Hunter was able to instruct the local team. In order to avoid the time and cost of travel to Stornoway, while keeping safe from coronavirus, he communicated remotely from Edinburgh. It worked out well. The engineering measurements and manufacture proved accurate and the sun shone on the day of installation.