High-fired pottery for Edinburgh sundial

High-fired pottery lights a flame

The Meadows Pottery, high-fired stoneware, established 1988High-fired stoneware, speciality production of The Meadows Pottery in Edinburgh, is the unlikely source for lighting a flame of collaboration between established potter Paul Tebble and contemporary sundial maker Alastair Hunter.

A horizontal sundial in stainless steel and brass mounted on a glazed pottery base is a first exciting outcome from these two artists bringing their creative ideas and skills together.

“This is quite intriguing for me, it is unlike most of the work I do,” comments Paul. “Alastair looks after the engineering and I produce the pot; between us we bring the design together. But when I shape the clay by hand I know its dimensions will change with firing in the kiln, so I must be extra careful that the finished pot and precision sundial will go together as we want them.”

The Meadows Pottery is at 11a Summerhall Place in Edinburgh, telephone 0131 662 4064, open Monday to Saturday 10.30-5.00