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Solar Time vertical sundial
SOLAR TIME is the ultimate personal sundial for an exact location. It centres on local noon, and extends to Greenwich time at 12.00 o’clock. Solar hours are divided into half-hour and ten-minute times. The analemma loop shows month and five-day calendar dates. Seasons are scaled by length of day in hours.

The circular sun border echoes a clock dial. “Follow Thy Fair Sun” is a sixteenth century quotation from Thomas Campion (1567-1620).

This sundial is made entirely in polished stainless steel. The dial is etched leaving a mirror finish for the detailed scales and lettering. The tall column is anchored below ground with a mounting system integral to the design. There are adjustments for setting true vertical and for aligning south towards the sun. An installation service is provided with this sundial.

Diagonal 60cm. Height 215cm.