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Orbit vertical sundial
ORBIT swirls like planets in the sun’s power. In the course of a year shadows will sweep to every corner of the dial. In a day the simple light spot slips across and marks the hours. It seems the sun is moving but it is the earth.

The line “As The Eye Salutes The Sun” is from The Second Life by Edwin Morgan (1920-2010), the late Makar (Poet Laureate) for Scotland.

Polished stainless steel gives this stunning dial its basic form, on a diagonal axis and pierced with a circulating series of holes. Brass rings connecting to a disc and a carefully sculpted oculus make up the gnomon. With marbled patination on the brass, the dial assumes extra style and presence outdoors. This sundial is calibrated and engraved with unique coordinates for location.

The dial is raised on a slender pillar which has a secure mounting system below ground level with an adjustment for setting to true vertical. There is a further mechanism for aligning with the sun. An installation service is provided.

Diagonal 60cm. Height 215cm.