HOURDIAL SUNDIAL ON SANDSTONE COLUMNWe supply individual sundials to order. Whether you are looking to buy an ornament for your garden, a personal gift or presentation, an original sundial timepiece, or a private commission, we will work with you to make your purchase unique.

Contact us to discuss your project and buy your sundial, speak to Alastair Hunter on telephone 44 (0)131 468 2616 or email, or fill in the form below.

Tell us about your interest. Which design most appeals to you, Orbdial Orbit NoondialPendulumHourdialDihelion – EarthdialSolar Time. You can personalise your sundial with Engraving, and choose a Pedestal.

We are very happy to discuss a special project or individual commission of small or large scale.

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Macmillan Hunter Sundials, 3 Peel Terrace, Edinburgh, EH9 2AY, UK

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