Macmillan Hunter creates beautiful garden sundials in a range of stunning designs for you to buy. These unique sundials are hand-built to individual order by specialist sundial maker Alastair Hunter working in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. They can be personalised with engraving for you, making an exceptional present. Commissions are welcome. The Scottish tradition of designing sundials is very old. In the 18th century elaborate stone sundials were built to decorate the gardens of Scotland’s grandest houses. Alastair designs modern sundials which reflect his own experience in engineering. His sundials are horizontal, vertical and armillary with original ideas. A sundial allows for meditation on the fleeting yet eternal nature of time. It invites you to chart the progress of the sun and seasons while reflecting on your own memorable hours.

scottish sundial designs

scottish sundial designs

Explore our range of beautiful sundials designed in Scotland and hand-built to individual order. Contact us for Hourdial a modern garden sundial updating the classic horizontal design, Orbdial a lovely universal dial within an armillary sphere, and award-winning Solar Time a vertical dial installed for you in your garden with pinpoint accuracy. Enjoy original sculpture in double sundial Dihelion that traces the sun and seasons. We sketch out personal engraving for you and help you choose your sundial pedestal.

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New sundial sculpture of a songbird for a garden in Edinburgh

September 23, 2016

“I would like a new sundial shaped like a songbird for our garden in Edinburgh,” said one of our customers a few weeks ago. This lady told us she did like the Hourdial sundial that we had already shown to her, but she was very taken with our ideas for crafting the gnomon as an original piece of sculpture in the shape of a garden bird. This is now a commission for us to make her a unique and personal piece.

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