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Orbdial armillary sundial
ORBDIAL is layered with sundial history. The pair of upright and slanting rings, which form an armillary sphere, were invented by the astronomers who measured the celestial movements of sun and stars in ancient Greece and Rome. The sky-seeking gnomon and the hour-reading dial are a development from the Islamic world. The universal tilting sundial was designed for wealthy travellers to use at different latitudes. Orbdial has been created with these elements from the past, and is believed to be the very first of its kind.

Polished and matt stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and brass, make up this elegant but precisely calibrated sundial sculpture. The relationship of gnomon angle to hours on the dial is exact and stays true when the sundial is set for a different latitude. The bottom ring carries a sundial calendar for checking your watch against solar time.

Brass and bronze will develop dark colours outdoors over a period of time.

The circular base screws down with a concealed fixing. Before delivery the dial is set at the angle to suit its location. There is a mechanism for aligning north-south by the sun.

Diameter 40cm. Height 50cm.