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When you choose one of our sundials we build it by hand and calibrate it for latitude and longitude. This means that yours is an individual sundial for your own location.

You can personalise your sundial by engraving, which we will do for you. This can include a design motif of your own choice.

You can choose one of our sundial pedestals, and we will help you with advice on siting and installing the pedestal in your garden.

We write a personal Owner’s Guide containing useful information for your sundial, including the exact alignment data for your location. For the Orbit sundial and the Solar Time sundial we include site installation and sun alignment as a special service.

We welcome enquiries for a special project or sundial commission, employing our expert knowledge, skills in design, and network for collaboration. For architects, landscapers and sculptors, we can offer advice on solar angles and sundial specifications. We help private individuals with projects as well. We can restore an old sundial that has lost its gnomon, and we like to investigate a sundial’s story.

Alastair Hunter is happy to talk to a group of any size, young or old, for interest and education.