Alastair Hunter

Alastair Hunter. Photo: D C Thomson & Co Ltd

Alastair Hunter began his fascination with sundials with the idea of putting a sundial in his garden at home. This quickly became a project to design a better sundial and turned into a small private business. Macmillan Hunter Sundials has now run for ten years, selling a variety of sundial designs to customers in the UK and beyond. The designs seem to have retained an engineering theme but he is learning more about introducing a sculptural look. Increasingly he is called on as a consultant for restoration of historic sundials particularly in Scotland.

Alastair studied engineering science at the University of Oxford and went on to qualify as a Chartered Engineer in Mechanical Engineering. His professional career spanned energy, aerospace, agriculture, and renewables. He has worked in design and development in industry and academic research in the public sector. He is a member of a number of organisations: British Sundial Society | Federation of Small Businesses | Scottish Artists Union.